The world is changing dramatically. Disruption all over the place. Every day, we are facing new unknown challenges and Covid 19 works as a fire accelerator in addition.

This unprecedented disruption is happening fast, as many well-known incumbents will attest. Succeding in this volatile environment requires not only a thorough understanding of what disruption means and how to deal with. Even more importantly, you must know how to disrupt others.

Our purpose is to introduce concepts to artists, managers, agents, promoters, venues, theatres, sports clubs to use digital transformation as a money maker. 

Learn how to benefit from the enormous power of social media platforms but regain full control over your data and most of all get massively paid for your art and content, finally.

Create your own ecosystem with added value. Create your digital concert hall, theatre or exhibition hall.

Control your global touring, streaming, ticketing or mechandise sales easily from your smartphone or any other digital device. Get real time access to your global sales and all financial information.

Conduct your online marketing including intelligent data analysis for direct communication and access to your fans and costumers to meet their demands and to increase your sales.

Learn how to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Dynamic Pricing.

In the light of climate change, touring should be reconsidered.

A mixture of live performances and live streaming and concerts on demand seems preferable. Less touring saves costs and smart streaming is even more profitable, it attracts a global audience to charge for. 

Reopening theatres, venues and stadiums requires a social distancing algorithm increasing the capacity by 50%.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts offer options to save an awful lot of money on laywers, accountants and others by avoiding any kind of fraud or cheating. Your money is safe at any time.


Regain full control over your core business and reduce your costs dramatically.


We supply you with tailored solutions.


Our pricing structure includes shared revenue models.


We are dedicated to our clients paving their way to earn additional money on digital transformation.

Your success is our success.

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